Teras Terrace

Dr. Zarna Zarekar

Dr. Zarna Zarekar is the Pretorius Technologies administrator who is in charge of Teras Terrace, and who is Junji Amigara's supervisor. Because some people find her name hard to remember or pronounce, she goes by a code name, but she's fickle about what code name she wants to use, and changes code names frequently. While for the most part she maintains a hands-off attitude and lets the Terrace run itself as it will, she does sometimes feel the need to step in and make some demands if things seem to be getting out of hand or if a new directive comes down from her supervisors.

Being an ordinary human, Dr. Zarekar, or whatever her code name du jour might be, doesn't actually live in the Terrace. (At least, she looks like an ordinary human, though there are some indications she might be more than she appears.) She does, however, frequently communicate with Junji Amigara—and, less frequently, with some of the Terrace's other residents—through video conferencing, and she makes occasional in-person visits when circumstances seem to warrant.