Teras Terrace

Xandra Blair

Xandra Blair works for the Prometheus Technologies Information Division, helping to control the flow of information and keep secret things the company doesn't want divulged—most notably, the nature of the Terrace and its inhabitants. Unlike most of those living in the Terrace, Xandra Blair is able to go relatively freely among the people outside, thanks to her shapeshifting abilities. While she takes human form on her forays outside the Terrace, otherwise she generally takes a shape similar to whoever she's talking to. Her ability to pass as another species is somewhat hampered, however, by the fact that while she can freely change her shape and, to a limited degree, her size, she always retains the same color, deep blue with pinkish specks. When passing as a human outside the Terrace, she usually wears makeup, though sometimes she tries to pass off her coloration as a "skin condition".

Xandra sees her job, not entirely without reason, as something akin to espionage, and loves engaging in stealth and subterfuge, though the former is compromised by her tendency to hum spy music as she works. Xandra also enjoys taking people by surprise by posing as an inanimate object until she's ready to confront them. This generally works only until people become familiar with her and her abilities and learn to expect anything of that shade of blue with pink specks to be Xandra in disguise.