Teras Terrace

Vorbulox the All-Powerful

Vorbulox styles himself fully "Vorbulox the All-Powerful, Master of the Northern Corridor"—or maybe "Vorbulox, the All-Powerful Master of the Northern Corridor"—he's a bit undecided as to where to put the comma. In any case, the "Northern Corridor" of his title is a short passageway in the Teras Terrace cultural hall. Vorbulox demands tribute to all those passing through their domain... which, since the corridor only leads to a little-used storage room, isn't many. (Of course, the storeroom is little-used largely because people don't want to bother dealing with Vorbulox, though he's undiscriminating enough in what qualifies as "tribute" that sometimes people do pay him off—and there are some, like Lou Cankarelli with his portals, who can bypass Vorbulox and get into the storeroom by other means.)

As for being "All-Powerful," Vorbulox does have a number of mysterious powers, but they're rather narrowly defined and often apply only in very special circumstances. For example: He can change the color of the walls of the corridor (but not of anything else). He can conjure into existence slightly damp fish-shaped orange gummy candies. He can cause multiple string beans to fuse together.

While Vorbulox spends most of his time in his rather cramped domain, on rare occasion he has been known to venture briefly out to attend some particularly tempting event. He never abandons his post, however, without leaving his deputy in his place... said "deputy" being a thoroughly unconvincing dummy cobbled together out of objects from the storeroom.