Teras Terrace

Squalter Milson

Squalter Milson is Teras Terrace's electrician; if there's an electrical problem with a circuit or appliance anywhere in the Terrace (outside perhaps the Pretorius Technologies building itself), Squalter's the one to call. He insists on silence while he's working, claiming it breaks his concentration, or rather he insists that no one speak while he's working, though he enjoys listening to recordings of theremin music. (He owns a small collection of theremins, though he hasn't taken the time to learn to play them himself.)

Though it doesn't seem to be reflected in his own work practices, in which he blithely handles bare wires with his ungloved tentacles and engages in other similarly reckless behaviors, when it comes to other aspects of life Squalter is extremely safety-conscious, and frequently berates his customers for not taking what he considers proper precautions. He's prone to direly pessimistic prognostications, frequently predicting that a particular house is going to be "blown sky high" if its residents don't do what he suggests.