Teras Terrace

Simon Martermold

Simon Martermold is a political cartoonist... or at least, that's what he will say if asked. Nobody except possibly Simon himself, however, has any idea what possible political point any of his cartoons are supposed to be making. Sharon Crundle runs his incomprehensible cartoons in the Teras Times, but only because her homemade newspaper is somewhat starved for content.

Simon has actually managed to get his cartoons published in various independent humor magazines whose editors took them for satire poking fun at the political cartoon medium. (They're not; whatever it is Simon's trying to say, he's deadly serious about it.) While he gets a little money from this, most of his income comes from selling shavings from his horns as a flavor supplement (via Pretorius Technologies intermediaries so the ultimate purchasers don't know where the chemical is coming from).