Teras Terrace

Pomona Dietz

Pomona Dietz is one of two mail carriers in Teras Terrace, and the one who services the street the Mongleys live on. She is fond of dispensing advice in the form of rustic homilies, which may or may not have any bearing on the current situation or make any apparent sense. Pomona has a fondness for small animals, despite their usual aggression toward her; most animals have a tendency to attack and bite her, which doesn't seem to bother her in the least. She's often seen going through most of her route with various growling small animals latched onto her with their teeth.

Pomona has no actual head, or many heads, depending on how one looks at it. She has a number of hinged "maws" mounted on long necks, each with jaws closing around a "mouth", and two eyes on the inside surface. Her brain is not in the maws, however, but in the body, and losing a maw is at worst a minor inconvenience; they grow back quickly. In addition to eating through the maws and seeing through the eyes in them, Pomona also uses the maws to carry items; she doesn't need a mailbag if she can hold the mail in a maw. She has little compunction about detaching maws to serve as containers.