Teras Terrace

Paprika Sambara

Paprika Sambara is the head of human resources for the Teras Terrace branch of Pretorius Technologies. (She often puts the "human" in "human resources" in finger quotes, since most of the employees she deals with aren't human at all, but she's still required to use the term for the sake of companywide consistency.) She shares her body with two other heads with their own minds and personalities, a quality that she holds makes her uniquely qualified for her job: if she can get along with her two other heads that are with her all the time, surely Pretorius employees should be able to get along with each other during work hours. Intent on always giving off positive vibes, Paprika goes so far as to paint a smile on her face, since her round, leechlike mouth doesn't otherwise look like it's smiling.

Paprika's body's other heads generally keep to themselves while Paprika is on the job; both wear headphones so they don't hear any confidential information Paprika is given. One head, Fennel, is a technical writer who does her own work on a neck-mounted computer; the other, Sassafras, is something of a slacker and is content to watch (a neck-mounted) television all day and let Paprika and Fennel pay the bills. Sassafras is a particular fan of anime, and more often than not that's what she's watching.