Teras Terrace

Miyuki Zord

Miyuki Zord is a biologist working for the Teras Terrace branch of Pretorius Technologies. She has something of an obsession with hats, and runs an online business making custom hats available for sale; the fact that she has very few buyers and her business is completely unprofitable seems to do little to deter her. Miyuki repeatedly expresses an interest in genetically engineering into various animals an instinctive desire to wear little hats, but her superiors in Pretorius Technologies have shown little interest in funding this line of research.

Though Miyuki has four heads, they all share a nervous system, and she has only one personality and consciousness. However, she does associate each of her heads with a different emotion, and will, for example, turn her "angry head" toward an interlocutor when she becomes irate... this despite the fact that to everyone else her heads look pretty much identical, and her "angry head" looks no more angry than her other three heads.