Teras Terrace

Melodica Bing

Melodica Bing is a remarkable prodigy with a great future ahead of her, who in the meanwhile has to suffer dealing with the absurd antics of her dull-witted classmates... or at least, that's how Melodica Bing seems to see things. So convinced is she of her intellectual superiority that she takes it as a personal affront when anyone else in her class at Teras High (the same class that Niamh Mongley belongs to) should dare to outperform her on an exam or assignment. Normally she makes her displeasure known with biting words and vicious gossip, but in extremis she's not above sabotage...

Melodica's uncle is Darryll Mudroe, head of the IT department at the Teras Terrace branch of Pretorius Technologies. When the two are together, the nonstop barrage of sarcasm leaves it unclear whether the two hate each other or enjoy each other's company as kindred souls.