Teras Terrace

Macy Toblone

Macy Toblone is the head of security for Teras Terrace... which means she essentially acts as a chief of police, except that Teras Terrace can't technically call its security force "police" because they're privately run and not a government agency. Still, Macy Toblone runs her security team much like a police department, and is given broad discretion by Pretorius Technologies to keep the peace by any means necessary.

Macy's favorite food is paper, and she's frequently munching on crumpled sheets. (Sometimes she folds the paper into various origami shapes before eating it, enjoying the different textures.) While she eats mostly plain white paper, since that's most easily available, goldenrod paper is her favorite, though she likes pale blue as well. Magenta, on the other hand, she finds difficult to stomach. She also eats cardboard, when she's in the mood for a heartier meal.