Teras Terrace

Griseldine Lippencott

Griseldine Lippencott (or just "Mrs. Lippencott", as she's usually called—almost no one calls her by her first name) is a resident of Teras Terrace who often seems to know more about what's going on than it really seems she should. Maybe she has some mystical power of precognition. Maybe she has some mind-reading abilities that operate subconsciously, and she's able to put together what she learns this way to draw conclusions without being consciously aware of what she's doing. Maybe there's some outside entity bestowing this knowledge upon her for reasons of its own. Whatever the explanation, Mrs. Lippencott frequently dishes out advice based on her strange "feelings", and often sets chains of events in motion herself if she feels it necessary, the actions that she takes to do so seeming baffling to an outside observer.

Mrs. Lippencott is fully aquatic, and gets around on a hovering platform that carries above it a dome of water held in some sort of field. She is by no means the only aquatic creature Pretorius Technologies has accidentally brought or created, but such beings the company generally places in an underwater community it has constructed for the purpose, Atlantic Acres, which is not dissimilar to Teras Terrace aside from its submarine location. Mrs. Lippencott lives in Teras Terrace rather than Atlantic Acres because, she says, she felt that she was meant to be here.