Teras Terrace

Kharisma Kane

Kharisma Kane is a beautician who works alongside Delinda East at Selcouth Salon. Her methods are rather different from her coworkers: Kharisma takes clients entirely inside her body through her wide mouths, where internal palps and tentacles do the work, with the help of various secretions. Because of the multiple manipulators in her internal cavity, Kharisma is able to do many procedures much more quickly than Delinda, and is especially efficient at trimming hair and removing warts and other unwanted tissues, which she accomplishes by selective digestion. However, there is a limit to the size of the customers she can work on—creatures much larger than humans can't fit inside her—and even in the Terrace there may be some clients uncomfortable with the idea of being ingested (albeit temporarily).

Although she doesn't presently make much professional use of it, Kharisma actually has a degree in physics, and is particularly knowledgeable about optics and electromagnetism. While she probably could have taken a job in the Teras Terrace branch of Pretorius Technologies, she decided to fill another need she saw in the Terrace instead, and is content with her current career.