Teras Terrace

Kayla Worthingdale

Kayla Worthingdale is a hard-working waitress at Vjulo Dupree's restaurant L'Allogyne. She tries to be friendly to all customers, partly in hopes of increasing her tip but also partly because she has a naturally amiable personality. At times, in fact, with male customers, she can be perhaps a bit too friendly... she has a tendency to come off as a bit of a flirt.

Kayla lives with her sister and a large assortment of pets that she dotes over... despite her youth, she might be the closest thing the Terrace has to a crazy cat lady, though her pets aren't cats or any other sort of normal animal. Her relatively meager salary as a waitress isn't enough to pay the bills, but fortunately her sister has a better-paying job and shoulders most of the household expenses.