Teras Terrace

Hagar Margolis

Hagar Margolis is the gym coach at Teras High School. She takes her job very seriously, and tries to expose her student charges to a wide variety of different sports, whether they're well suited to their anatomies or not. A harsh disciplinarian, Ms. Margolis tolerates no "tomfoolery," and those who get on her bad side are likely to be put to work cleaning the locker rooms or performing even more distasteful tasks around the gym or the athletic field.

Ms. Margolis's competitive streak comes out in the (rather haphazard) tournaments played by Teras High sports teams against counterparts from Atlantic Acres and Clockwork Springs, two other properties maintained by Pretorius Technologies to house aquatic and robotic creatures, respectively. She’s also fiercely competitive in the annual Teras Fair, in which she usually wins with her homemade jams. (Jam, she explains, combines her two favorite things: food, and squashing things.)