Teras Terrace

Magenta Gray

Magenta Gray is the keeper of the Teras Cemetery, sometimes called the "Teras 'Tery" for short. At least some of the grotesque residents of the Terrace are not immortal, after all, and some of them are dead on arrival, a mishap in a Pretorius Technologies experiment resulting not just in some weird monstrosity but in the corpse of a weird monstrosity. As these bodies must be disposed of somewhere (perhaps after dissection and examination), Teras Terrace has its own cemetery, and Mrs. Gray is in charge of it. She takes trespassing and vandalism very seriously, but sees nothing wrong with appropriating parts of her charges herself, routinely crafting jewelry and utensils from the bones, shells, and other durable parts of the bodies entrusted to her.

Mrs. Gray's body bears three major stalks, one of which ends in her head and one in her single, tentacular hand. The end of the third stalk she keeps constantly covered, so nobody really knows what it ends in.