Teras Terrace

Wilbur "Gramps" Gorbuckle

Wilbur "Gramps" Gorbuckle is the owner and proprietor of Gramps' Old-Fashioned Soda Shoppe (or "GOFSS" to young locals), a favorite hangout of Teras High School students. At his establishment, Gramps serves soda-like drinks of various flavors and consistencies, though he doesn't produce them from a traditional soda fountain. Rather, they're produced by Gramps himself, who keeps his gaping maw perpetually filled with soda water (or a similar fluid), and somehow dispenses various "drinks" from orifices at the ends of his multiple tentacular appendages. Somehow, the provenance of the beverages he serves fails to deter his regular customers.

His mouth being constantly full of liquid, Gramps has trouble speaking in a conventional sense (and, given the shape of his mouth, it's questionable he'd be able to speak coherently even if it were empty). To get around this situation, he keeps nearby a small vaguely birdlike (and also vaguely squidlike) creature with which he seems to have some sort of telepathic link and through which he is able to talk, though the creature doesn't necessarily have much intelligence on its own.