Teras Terrace


Druce lacks a fixed home in the Terrace, but seems content to spend all Druce's time outside, including sleeping on Druce's single leg. Like many residents of the Terrace, Druce isn't clearly either male or female, but unlike most others who choose to be referred to by various pronouns, Druce simply prefers that any time a pronoun would be used to refer to Druce (including a first or second person pronoun), Druce's name be used instead—or "Druself" for the reflexive.

Druce's favorite pastime seems to be silently following around other residents of the Terrace, mimicking their actions and mannerisms—or at least mimicking them as best Druce can with Druce's single limb and lack of any obvious facial features aside from one eye. Apparently Druce does this to better understand people, and perhaps it's borne some fruit, insofar as Druce has picked up a bit of work as an (unlicensed) psychotherapist of sorts, with a small but devoted clientele. Druce uses as Druce's "office" the Teras Cemetery, being as it has slabs and stones that can serve as (rather uncomfortable) couches.