Teras Terrace

Dale Wintergreen

Dale Wintergreen is a biochemist in the employ of the Teras Terrace branch of Pretorius Technologies. With appendages embedded in the floor and ceiling of the room where Dale works, Dale is physically immobile, but makes up for that with an extensive online presence, being active in a number of virtual communities, using avatars that bear little resemblance to the creature's vaguely dendriform meatspace body. Lacking any members capable of fine manipulation, Dale interfaces with the computers through cables physically connecting Dale's body to banks of computers in the room around it. These computers being networked to the other computers in the Pretorius facility, it's not certain just how much control over the facility Dale actually has.

Nobody is entirely sure of whether Dale is male or female, or perhaps has no gender at all. Given the amount of time Dale has been working at the branch, by now it would be awkward to ask.