Teras Terrace

Daisy Daffodill

Daisy Daffodill is an old woman (well, an old female monster) who lives in a house by herself but who loves children and is never hesitant to invite them inside, bake cookies for them, and let them play with whatever there is in her house that interests them. Though she is fully accepting of and affectionate toward the aberrant and inhuman children of Teras Terrace (especially since she's equally aberrant and inhuman herself), she often longs to be able to bring happiness to some of the human children living outside the Terrace, and frequently comes up with plans to try to have some human children over in a way that won't endanger the Terrace's secrets too much—plans that are invariably quashed by Pretorius Technologies and the Teras Terrace security forces.

Mrs. Daffodill seems to have some sort of an on-again off-again romantic relationship with Gramps Gorbuckle, proprietor of Gramps' Old-Fashioned Soda Shoppe, though it's not obvious just how serious it is.