Teras Terrace

Angelica Ropp

Angelica Ropp is a resident of Teras Terrace who makes a living by creating and selling artisanal glassware. Aiding her in this endeavor is her pet, a literally fiery creature she calls Blossom, whose flames are hot enough to maintain the high temperatures required for glassblowing. While the income Angelica makes from her trade isn't great, it's enough to sustain her thrifty, bohemian lifestyle, though a significant portion of that income goes to feed Blossom's prodigious appetite.

Angelica plays the bass in the same multinomious band in which Dexter Wedebi plays the guitar. While the flippers that server her for locomotion are certainly not dextrous enough to handle an instrument, Angelica has numerous retractable tentacles on her underside. She generally keeps the tentacles withdrawn while she's walking, but when she wants to play the bass or otherwise handle objects she props herself up on her back flippers with two tentacles and uses other tentacles as manipulators.