Teras Terrace

Breaking the Silence

1:38 am, October 30 2016

Okay, so there have been no new blog posts in over a year, and no new characters introduced in nearly as long. I haven't abandoned the project—far from it; it's never been far from my mind. But the truth is, to make a long story short, the necessity of making a living temporarily interposed itself in the way of other pursuits, and I unfortunately had to relegate Teras Terrace (and, alas, a number of other projects) to a back burner.

On a note that perhaps may initially seem unrelated but will eventually (and perhaps as soon as the following sentence) prove not to be, this weekend was the Los Angeles Comic Con, and I had a table there at the small press booth. I'd never exhibited at a convention before, and had no idea what I was doing, and there are many things I no doubt could have done better, but all that is another story. What is more to the immediate point is that my main purpose in getting a small press table at the convention was to try to promote two of my projects, one of which was Teras Terrace. I ended up handing out almost five hundred postcards about Teras Terrace, and if even half the people who took a postcard go on to check out the site... then there will be people checking out the site. That sentence probably could have ended better.

Anyway, the point is that if people are going to be checking out the site, then it would probably be best they don't see a site with no recent updates, so... I am now making an update. Besides that, though, the fact that there may now be potentially people following the progress of Teras Terrace gives me ample motivation to move it back off the back burner and onto the... front burner, I guess? Is that how that metaphor works?

So, yeah. This has been the first update in a long while, but the next should not be long in coming. And the new character introductions should be resuming this week, as well. Especially since it was mentioned to people at the convention that Teras Terrace is planned to be finished some time next year, and if that's the case... I have a lot of work ahead of me.

Which I... will do.

Much like the last sentence of the second paragraph, this post could probably have ended better.