Teras Terrace

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7:58 pm, July 10 2015

Yeah, yeah, it's once again been a very long time since the last blog update, but things have not been idle... I've been learning to use Toon Boom Animate Pro, and expect to at long last have some actual animated clips from Teras Terrace to show relatively soon. In the meantime, though, there's a new site feature that I'd been meaning to add for a long time and just finally got around to... a forum!

Yes, it's empty right now, of course, since it was just created. Maybe I should make some kind of post there to get things started. Not sure what to write, though. In any case, I don't expect it to see a lot of (or necessarily any) activity any time soon, given that the project hasn't been publicized and practically nobody knows about it yet. But... maybe eventually there will be posts there?

So. Anyway. There is a forum now. Yes.

And there will be some animation to see soon.